To download an Excel spreadsheet which will help you to select a letterhead style, please just click here or click on the picture below. This spreadsheet works with Excel 2007 onwards. Please enter your business name on the first page of the spreadsheet, and look over the other pages where you will see your name in many different typefaces, colours and styles. If a business is called Daniel Defoe Ltd and this name is typed in, then a typical page in the spreadsheet will look like this:


Daniel Defoe Ltd in many different styles


Here you can see the business name in many colours and styles in a typeface called “Rockwell”. Once you have made a note of your selected typeface, your invoicing software can usually be set up to include it. Your accountant may assist you with this.

The outcome of all this should be professional-looking invoices and statements in your own house style, and a better image for your business.