Each employee should be provided with a P60 for the year ended 5 April 2014 by 31 May 2014. Your employees are entitled to ask for a P60 if you do not provide one. They may need a P60 to apply for tax credits, a student loan for their children, a bank loan or a mortgage. It is suggested that you issue P60s as soon as possible or you may have a staff relations issue.

It would be best to prepare the P60s at the same time as the final Full Payment Submission or final Employer Payment Summary is drawn up (previously the P14s and the P35 return). These P60s may then be issued to employees either immediately, or with the end of May salary payment. Employees would be well-advised to hold on to a paper copy of the P60 in their personal records kept at home, and if you provide the P60 in electronic form, it may be good staff relations to remind them to print off perhaps two or three copies. If you engage any accountants in Carlisle to do your payroll, then P60s will be produced as a matter of course.